Solve Your Migraine Puzzle

If you haven't tried MEND, you haven't tried everything.

Can You Relate?

You feel that you have tried everything

Nothing you have tried works and if it did, it only worked for a short period of time and the effects didn’t last.

You are looking for answers and end up with more dead ends. 

Despite all of your efforts, finding answers and more importantly, solutions, remains elusive.

You want to be empowered to take control of your health, but you don’t know where to begin. 

Maybe you’ve tried self-help courses, internet searching, and numerous physicians and wellness practitioners.  But the same migraine patterns persist.

Are you ready to solve your migraine puzzle and create a life free from the burden of migraine, where you can be a reliable family member, friend and colleague?

Get Back to the Life You’ve Been Missing

Beyond just treating symptoms, the MEND Program focuses on a deep, individualized understanding of the root causes of migraine and migraine triggers, employing a multi-tiered approach that encompasses genetics, epigenetics, blood chemistry, toxins, nutrition and lifestyle. 

This personalized approach is elevated by mindfulness practice, community, compassion and expert support. 

Get Back to the Life You’ve Been Missing

Personalized migraine based coaching with Dr Brian Bakke