The MEND Program is a Novel Method for Solving Your Unique Migraine Puzzle

Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Bakke

A Certified Nutrition Specialist and Coach with more than 12 years of experience helping women overcome migraines and improve their quality of life.

We all need guidance and support with our health challenges at some point in our life.  Perhaps you have been struggling with migraines for a few decades. It might be that you are tired of the up and down cyclic nature of your migraines. Or it may be that your migraines have recently started to get worse and you are fearful of what lies ahead.  

Overcoming migraine typically takes more than identifying options and trying a few things out.  It requires getting to the root of why our body is so susceptible to triggers.  And it takes a willingness to face the uncertainty, move beyond it, and discover the freedom that is on the other side.

With the MEND Program, participants don't just find relief; they embark on a life-changing journey towards comprehensive wellness, unlocking a future free from the fear of migraine. 

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